Five great reasons to use an online survey tool

IMG_8476When it comes to doing your independent research project, most of us in our class have ended up doing some kind of survey.  Rather than deal with wads of paper I thought I’d go digital, and used this blog post to consider which survey tool would serve me best.  You might also consider Google Forms. I went for Survey Monkey.  Some cool things you can do on Survey Monkey are:

1. Download all your responses in an excel spreadsheet (how much time is that going to save me?!)
2. Add dependencies into your questionnaire – really useful if you want to pursue why someone has answered the way they have.  Survey creators call this ‘skip logic’ because it means that some respondents will skip a question depending on what they’ve answered.
3. Create as many questions as you like (with the free subscription you’re limited to ten)
4. Customise the theme for a more professional look. I added a photo of some books to focus the minds of those doing my survey on extensive reading.
5. Randomise answer options to make sure you get valid results.

And before you ask, no I’m not being paid to say that!

If you were really flush and upgraded to a Gold membership, you could also get Survey Monkey to analyse your results for you and see if they were statistically significant. It might be worth seeing if your institution has a Survey Monkey  subscription (or something similar) or would like one – it could be really useful for student surveys, teacher development and more widely in class for quizzes.

Before you sign up, make sure to opt for the ‘educators’ account, which is currently £18 rather than £26 per month.  Also, do read the cancellation policy here: if you keep your survey up for less than a month you can cancel your autorenew before paying for another month.


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