Pre-Reading List

Bristol Milk Stout. And Guy Cook.
Yes that is a Bristol Milk Stout.

I guess most people plan a few months ahead before taking the Diploma.  I had my interview three working days before it started.  So I didn’t have much time.

Nevertheless, here are the books on the “pre-reading” list for the International House Bristol course.  What strikes you about this reading list? My thoughts are below….

//“>Bygate, M.  Speaking. OUP 1987

//“>Cook, G. Discourse. OUP 1989

//“>Underhill, Adrian. Sound Foundations. Macmillan 2005

//“>Lewis, M.  Implementing the Lexical Approach. Heinle/ LTP 1997

//“>Nunan, D. Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom. CUP 1989.

//“>Richards and Rodgers. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. CUP 1986.

My review/reflection is here.

Richards and Renandyna.  Methodology in Language Teaching.  CUP 2002.

//“>Roach, P.  English Phonetics and Phonology. CUP 1991.

Other Useful Books

Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. Longman 2002.

These were my three initial observations:

  1. Good Lord, it’s on paper! Get me to a fax machine, Baldrick!
  2. (in a related point) They’re all print monographs.
  3. The most recent book was published ten years ago.

Now this is in no way meant as a criticism of my tutors but I was surprised that the field was this reliant on the book given where I am, and where our students are (online, largely).  Given that I’d been updating myself on a few finer points of current thinking using Scott Thornbury’s very readable blog which acts as an online addendum to An A-Z of ELT, I was pretty surprised that a few choice blogs hadn’t crept onto the list, too.

Unfortunately I only had time to look at one of the texts (Discourse by Guy Cook) before session one but as I’m doing the part time Diploma I’m assured there’ll be time to catch up.  As I read I’ll add reviews of these books and link to them from this page.


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